Living in pain is no way to live. We understand that there are a variety of ailments that can impede an active lifestyle, and we promise to do everything we can to alleviate your pain. Here are some of the common areas that people experience pain in:


This can be one of the most disruptive areas to experience pain. When your head hurts, it becomes difficult to concentrate and engage in a variety of common daily activities. Luckily, chiropractic care can help alleviate symptoms of issues that cause head pain.


The neck is an extremely vital area that can be affected by pain. Neck pain can severely limit your ability to turn and move at all. It is often a sharp type of pain that can be very difficult to get through. Even simple tasks can become laborious when you have neck pain.


Having a full range of motion is essential to daily life, and shoulder pain can severely limit the use of your arms. As we all know, our arms are instrumental in so many tasks in daily life, so shoulder pain can be particularly troubling.


Though most commonly associated with athletics, elbow pain can affect people of all walks of life. The inability to bend or flex the arm can make it very difficult to carry out simple tasks. Contact us today if you are experiencing elbow pain and we will do everything we can to help you!

Wrist and Hand

People often don’t realize how much we rely on our hands and wrists in daily life until their function is impeded. It can be very frustrating to not be able to control and grasp objects. Because of the complex arrangement of cartilage, tendon, and bone, pain in the hands or wrists can be a nuisance.


Perhaps one of the most common areas of pain is the back. Back pain is caused by a diverse array of conditions, and can range from slightly disturbing to severely limiting. Pain can originate in the lower back or mid back, and can stem from a variety of reasons. It is important to contact us soon if you are experiencing back pain.

Hip and Buttock

Hip pain is not just for the elderly, in fact people of all ages can suffer from hip pain or injuries. This is especially true of athletes or people who are physically active for work. Hip issues can often get worse if you do not address them, so contact us today if you are having hip pain.


Knee problems are extremely common, even if you are not an athlete. Because the knee connects the two parts of the leg, it is extremely important and improper function affects many areas of the body. There are also a lot of moving parts in the knee, making it a more complex area to deal with.