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Your first visit

The initial appointment consists of a 30-45 minute evaluation to gather information about your current and past medical history and to perform a physical exam. The physical exam includes a postural and range-of-motion assessment, biomechanical assessment, neuromuscular evaluation, muscle strength testing, muscle length testing, and joint mobility testing.

Based on the results of the comprehensive exam, the doctor will recommend a unique treatment plan designed to eliminate symptoms and restore function and mobility to the joints and soft tissues. To allow for a natural transition toward independence, the patient will assume an active role in their treatment by participating in an individualized home exercise program. This comprehensive approach not only allows for faster resolution of pain, but provides long-term benefits, not just symptomatic relief.

If warranted, advanced therapies will be offered. Our Roseville chiropractic office offers some advanced, new age therapies and technologies that can definitely improve any situation.