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Mid Back

Your mid back is very important to you. It is more used than you think. That being so, it is often overlooked and when so can lead to certain conditions that can effect your life. The lower back is what is seen on commercials when it comes to back pain, but ask anybody with mid back pain -- it can be dibillitating. When it comes to mid back pain, you need to make sure you see a specialist. Sport and Spine Rehab treats the following Conditions that affect the mid-back:

A condition where there is too much curvature in the mid-back area is called Scheuermann's Kyphosis. A spine that is normal and healthy will have curves in it, which can be seen when viewed from the side.

This condition develops over time during periods of bone growth (such as puberty). It occurs when the front of the spine doesn't grow as fast as the back of the spine and causes healthy, rectangular-shaped vertebrae to become triangular-shaped and wedged together.

A common complaint of many people is mechanical back pain. The cause of this back pain could be from strenuous activity that caused trauma to the spine. This pain can also spread to the knees, buttocks and thighs.

Mechanical neck and back pain implies the source of pain is in the spine and/or its supporting structure. This occurs when one of the joints in the spine loses its normal joint play (resiliency and shock absorption).

Vertebrae are very strong bones that make up the spine. In case of an unfortunate incident, a break in the vertebrae can happen just like it can with other bones in the body.

Compression fractures are caused by trauma to the spine, such as a car accident or fall.

Mild to severe pain may be felt in the back, abdominals, arms, and/or legs and worsens with movement.