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Physical Rehabilitation

The philosophy behind our rehabilitation program is to assist the natural healing processes of the body.  Each individual rehab program is designed to adapt itself to an individual's specific nerve, muscle and joint dysfunctions and correct them. The primary goal is to positively influence the inflammation and repair processes in order to expedite recovery and to restore range of motion, muscular strength and endurance, and neuromuscular control. Special consideration is given to prevent the reoccurrence of injury by incorporating individualized home-program instruction and sport-specific exercises if applicable.

Why is this applicable? If you need a Roseville Chiropractor to assist you with some physical rehabilitation, Spine and Sports Chiropractic can most definitely help you out.

More detailed information about specific ailments can be found in our chiropractic conditions section.

Advanced Treatment Options Available

Roseville Chiropractor now offers Graston!

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