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We are pleased to be one of only a few metro-area clinics as a St. Paul/ Roseville Chiropractor to provide patients with an FDA-approved neuromuscular electrical-stimulation device (ARPwave Neuro-Recovery Therapy), which possesses specific characteristics that are not found in any conventional therapeutic electrical-stimulation devices. ARP is short for Accelerated Recovery Performance; a system that uses patented, FDA-approved bioelectrical current along with active range-of-motion exercise techniques to speed up the body's natural recuperative ability as well as to prevent muscle-related injuries. Treatment with ARPwave is the only protocol which allows injured muscles to instantly relax and elongate which promotes healing and less scar tissue and permits eccentric contractions while moving through active range-of-motion.


Minneapolis Chiropractor | ARP 


  It is a combination of a proprietary electrical device and carefully designed protocols which target injury at the source, eliminate inflammation and dramatically accelerate the recovery of all soft tissue injury, often eliminating the need for surgery. ARP embraces the concept of neurological rehabilitation and treatment for all soft tissue injuries and post-surgery rehab. The ARP system is built on the premise that these all have a neurological origin. While an MRI and/or CAT scan will tell you where the problem ended up, our tecnhology will tell you where the problem came from. By finding the neurological origin of the physiological symptom and treating the problem at the source, ARP enables you to fully recover faster.

ARP treatment is indicated for the treatment of all muscle related injuries:

~ Relaxation of muscle spasms

~Prevention and retardation of disuse atrophy

~Increase of local blood circulation

~Muscle re-education

~Maintaining and increasing range of motion.


ARP protocols can also be specifically used to accelerate muscle rehabilitation of the following areas:

Shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle, foot, cervical and lumbar spine