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Family Chiropractic

The American Chiropractic Association defines Chiropractic as a health profession concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of functional disorders of the neuromusculoskeletal system, and the effects these disorders have on the function of the nervous system and general health. Treatment emphasis is on spinal manipulation or adjustments and other manual/soft tissue therapies.

Dr. Mike Maristuen treats individuals with neuromusculoskeletal complaints, such as headaches, joint paint, neck pain, low back pain, and sciatica, osteoarthritis, spinal disc conditions, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, sprains, strains and much more.

Chiropractors are skilled at detecting misalignments of the spine. These misalignments irritate or put pressure on the nervous system, thus interfering with the nervous system's ability to function normally. Consequently, this will cause an imbalance in the body that can lead to common symptoms such as:

  • Aches & Pains
  • Tension
  • Stiffness
  • Numbness & Tingling

With simple adjustments, misalignments in the spine can be corrected to relieve pressure on the nervous system. To offer more comprehensive care the doctor will diagnose and treat soft tissue (muscle and ligaments) injuries.  This comprehensive care allows the patient to reach maximum health benefits. Rather than focusing on symptoms, the doctor has a more natural approach to wellness that utilizes therapeutic techniques to remove nerve interference and soft tissue injuries to promote the body's natural healing ability. Optimal health is dependent on a properly functioning nervous system. Therefore, evaluating the integrity of the nervous system is where relief from aches and pains begins.

Chiropractic care is valuable for the whole family. It is very common for children to develop dysfunction in their spine and have soft tissue injuries. These problems can arise from the birthing process, falls, sports injuries and repetitive stressors on the body. Chiropractic care can help your family keep up with the speed of life.